Friday, January 29, 2010

The Limitations of Postmodernism

As usual, Ravi Zacharias hits it out of the park:

I remember lecturing at Ohio State University, one of the largest universities in this country. I was minutes away from beginning my lecture, and my host was driving me past a new building called the Wexner Center for the Performing Arts.

He said, “This is America’s first postmodern building.”

I was startled for a moment and I said, “What is a postmodern building?”

He said, “Well, the architect said that he designed this building with no design in mind. When the architect was asked, ‘Why?’ he said, ‘If life itself is capricious, why should our buildings have any design and any meaning?’ So he has pillars that have no purpose. He has stairways that go nowhere. He has a senseless building built and somebody has paid for it.”

I said, “So his argument was that if life has no purpose and design, why should the building have any design?”

He said, “That is correct.”

I said, “Did he do the same with the foundation?”

All of a sudden there was silence.

You see, you and I can fool with the infrastructure as much as we would like, but we dare not fool with the foundation because it will call our bluff in a hurry.

You can read Ravi's entire lecture here.

HT: Justin Taylor

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Things About Marty

Last week we were blessed to have Marty Duren preach at Towaliga.

Along with being a long-time pastor and gifted preacher/teacher, Marty is also an author. He co-authored the book Journeys: Transitioning Churches to Relevance with Todd Wright. If you like Marty or if you are interested in reading about how a local body can actually impact the community and the world instead of drowning in the muck of the way things have always been done, you will like this quick read. It is practical and the result of many years of hardship, conflict, set backs and joys unspeakable.

Also, Marty is currently gearing up to go to Haiti. For many this may come as a surprise because we have been told for a few weeks now that no one is allowed to come in. However, we have already seen pastors like Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald with Churches Helping Churches find their way in and bring back chilling reports. Marty is next in that line and he will be going with an organization called Helping Hands Foreign Missions. It's amazing what can get done without a large bureaucracy getting in the way. Please pray for Marty and Helping Hands and Churches Helping Churches and, of course, Haiti.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chick Flick Essentials

I haven't seen a lot of chick flicks but I saw one this past weekend. Watching this movie actually proved quite productive for me. Now, based on this viewing and a few others that I remember, I'm able to offer these simple yet essential ingredients for anyone wishing to make millions of dollars at the box office from love sick females. I hope this helps.

1. The Star: This is the female lead character. Although she is smart, well-groomed and gainfully employed, for some reason, she has yet to find her soul mate.

2. The Friend: This is the one that gets away with saying and doing what The Star would never even consider. If this character is a male, he's got to be an over the top femme type. If it's a girl, she has to be either an alcoholic or highly promiscuous or both.

3. The Dead Person: Someone close to The Star has to have died. An older relative that died after a good long life wont work. The Dead Person has to have died during The Star's kindergarten graduation or some other freakishly painful time and in some freakishly painful way.

4. The Memento: This is something that The Dead Person left behind for The Star. It doesn't matter how but you have to find a way to make this item come into play at the end of your story.

5. The Terribly Flawed Beefcake: This guy has got it all but he's a jerk. For some reason, The Star feels the need to cash in 30 plus years worth of chips on this guy. Most of the movie is spent making you think that she will do just that. Not so fast my friend!

6. The Looser: This is the guy that The Star should be with but she just can't do it. Even though he looks like Rob Lowe with messed up hair, The Star wont give The Looser the time of day. Maybe it's this kind of poor decision making that has gotten The Star where she is today. Extra credit if The Looser is played by Mr. Lowe himself.

7. The Over the Top Mean Lady: Preferably this character will be The Star's boss. She has to be white, older and very rich. No one is this mean and snooty in real life. Extra credit if this character is played by Glen Close.

8. The Wedding: This is the point where we are led to believe that The Star finally flakes out for good and marries The Terribly Flawed Beefcake.

9. The Rain Machine: This is of utmost importance. You'll need this when The Star bails out on the wedding and searches for The Looser at item number ten.

10. The Airport/Train Station/Bus Terminal: This is where things finally work out for the good and The Star finally comes to her senses in regards to The Looser. Extra Credit if The Over the Top Mean Lady happens to see this sweet reunion and somehow gets in the way of airplane/train/bus.

Happy filming.

And don't forget the rain machine!

MLK and the Fallacy of Racist Christians

Read Russell Moore's article here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus Passed the Test

"The temptation narratives (Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13) are to be read in light of both Adam and Israel as sons of God who failed the test... the people of God from Adam (a failure), through the Israelites (failures), to Jesus, the only fully pleasing Son of God since before Adam sinned." Graeme Goldsworthy