Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Exodus?

On Sunday mornings I will spend the next few weeks preaching through the book of Exodus.  Exodus isn't exactly the most popular book in the Bible.  When most people think of it their minds are immediately filled with images of Charlton Heston, long genealogies and the wrath of God.  Here are three general answers to the why Exodus question.

1.  Because every book in the Bible is the inspired word of God.  Each of these 66 books, though unique, are connected by the common thread of the cross of Jesus Christ.

2.  Because it is almost impossible to teach life principles from the book of Exodus and still be faithful to the scriptures.  Exodus doesn't have a lot to say about how to deal with a slumping economy and fussy kids.  It has everything to say about the holiness and sovereignty of God.  Preaching through Exodus, I pray, will serve as a great reminder that it's not about us.

3.  Exodus portrays God as holy, sovereign, patient and loving.  He keeps His promises, sets captives free, pours out His wrath on evil, gives loving guidelines for His people to follow and makes Himself known in grace and mercy.  God has not changed.  Today, we see His holiness, sovereignty, love, deliverance, wrath and guidance most clearly in the person of Jesus Christ.

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